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In this episode, Allison Pickens (Chief Customer Officer, Gainsight)sits down with Byron Deeter (Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners) to get his thoughts on the rise of Customer Success over the years and what it means for the future of business. Byron Deeter is one of the most well-known faces in venture capital, having led numerous investments and exits in companies like Box, Cornerstone on Demand, Twilio, and more. A fundamental part of his current position at Bessemer Venture Partners is to foretell how markets and industries will adapt to new technologies and economic changes.

Throughout his professional journey, Byron has repeatedly witnessed how every level and function of a business can benefit from being more customer-centric. As an operator, Byron regularly meets with clients to learn their use cases and their definitions of a successful outcome. Leveraging those experiences, Byron focuses on how companies in his portfolio are managing their client base, operationalizing ARR, and delivering successful outcomes at scale.

Why has Byron decided to invest in companies that put Customer Success at the forefront? What does he think the Customer Success movement means for the future of post-sales business strategy? Listen to the full episode to find out!